Jim Sterling / Samantha Marshall / Jay (AKA: Shiva; Mr. Mort)

Destroyer of Worlds, Engineering Professor, Pharmaceutical Rep, Mahjong Player

Incarnation: Destroyer
Agenda: Saboteur
Virtue: Logical Vice: Dispassionate
Willpower: 4
Cover: Jim = 7 Sam = 6 Jay = 2
Defense: 4 Armor 0 Health 7
Speed: 10 Initiative 5


Mental Physical Social
Power Intelligence 4 Strength 2 Presence 2
Finesse Wits 3 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 2
Resist Resolve 2 Stamina 2 Composure 2


Mental Physical Social
Academics 2 Athletics 2 Animal Ken 0
Computer 1 Brawl 0 Empathy 1
Crafts 2 Drive 0 Expression 0
Investigate 1 Firearms 2 Intimidation 0
Medicine 2 Larceny 0 Persuasion 2
Occult 1 Stealth 1 Socialize 1
Politics 0 Survival 2 Streetwise 0
Science 4 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 0


Academics Engineering
Crafts Mechanics
Medicine Pathogens
Science Physics, Chemistry


Left or Right Dice Pool: Manipulation + Science Action: Instant
Dramatic Failure: The demon remains unsure which outcome of the targeted event is true. In addition, the demon risks blowing Cover (apply a +2 modifier to the roll). Failure: The attempt fails and the demon cannot try again for this particular event. Success: The demon chooses how the target event is resolved. Remember that this Embed only applies to binary choices. The demon cannot apply it to a roll on a craps table, because two six-sided dice have many more possibilities than just two. Note, too, that the possibilities have to be distinct — in the example of the craps roll, “win” and “lose” doesn’t apply, because the those terms have implications
beyond a binary choice. However, the demon could choose to stipulate that the roll is even or odd.
Exceptional Success: The demon can exert slightly more control over the situation than a binary choice, but only within the context of the original event. For example, with an exceptional success, the demon might be able to choose the total value of the craps roll (note that this still isn’t winning or losing, and in fact can be viewed as a more abstract binary choice — the dice either come up seven or they don’t). The Storyteller needs to make sure this power doesn’t get abused, but a good way to do that is to remind the players that tampering with fate and probability risks Cover.
Fulcrum Point Dice Pool: Wits + Science Action: Instant
Dramatic Failure: The object shifts the wrong way, knocking the demon over and inflicting half the object’s Size in bashing damage (round down, maximum 10 damage). If the demon is caught between the object and a solid surface, like a wall, the damage might be lethal instead. Failure: No effect. The demon has not found an appropriate leverage point. She may try again, but needs to find a different point of attack on the object. Success: The object moves a number of yards equal to the successes rolled. The object won’t keep moving unless it would roll or move under its own power (it has wheels, for instance, or is round) and the demon pushes it down a slope. Exceptional Success: No further effect beyond the additional distance conveyed by more successes.
Common Misconception Dice Pool: Manipulation + Science Action: Reflexive
Dramatic Failure: The information that the demon produces actually winds up strengthening the target’s argument. Add the demon’s Primum to the target’s Skill roll. The demon gains the Discredited Condition (–3 on all attempts to convince any witnesses to this exchange of anything for the rest of the scene). The demon can resolve this Condition by succeeding on roll using the same Skill that the target was using, but achieving more successes than the target did. Failure: No effect; the target’s roll is unaffected. Success: The “fact” that the demon produces undermines the target’s ability. Apply a penalty equal to the Embed successes or the demon’s Primum, whichever is higher, to the target’s Skill roll. Exceptional Success: The target fails the Skill roll outright, and loses a point of Willpower.
Just Bruised


Murder by Improbability Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + Primum vs. Presence + Supernatural Tolerance Action: Instant Cost: 1 Aether
Dramatic Failure: The demon miscalculates and carries the miasma of ill luck with her. The Exploit doesn’t affect the demon directly, but alters the probability of events around her. She gains the Jinx Condition — before every roll another character makes affecting the demon (helpful or harmful), the Storyteller rolls a single die. If it comes up odd, the character adds the demon’s Primum to the roll. If it comes up even, the character subtracts the demon’s Primum from the roll. The demon can shed this Condition by choosing to change a failure to a dramatic failure (she still gets the Beat for doing so). Failure: The character fails to alter probability. Success: If the demon is using this Exploit against a human being with no ties to the supernatural and no extraordinary fate (this is at the Storyteller’s discretion; demons occasionally try to kill world leaders with this Exploit and usually fail), the target suffers a freak accident and dies within the next scene. For supernatural characters or character whose fates are too complicated to be snuffed out so easily, all attacks against the character during the next combat scene he experiences add the demon’s Primum to any weapon bonus. This Exploit does not work against demons. Exceptional Success: No additional effect against human characters. Against supernatural characters, the demon places the Sword of Damocles Condition on the character. The character suffers a penalty to his Defense equal to the demon’s Primum. He can resolve this Condition by willingly suffering damage equal to the demon’s Primum (this damage takes the form of an accident — tripping and falling on his own weapon, a stray bullet strikes the character, etc.). Since Storyteller characters don’t usually track Beats or resolve Conditions, the player can decide when this damage is applied.


Death Touch


Bolthole 2
Demolisher 2
Professional Training (Academic) 3
Resources 2

Jim Sterling / Samantha Marshall / Jay (AKA: Shiva; Mr. Mort)

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