Mr. Seeker

A psychopomp trying to feel


Intelligence: * * *
Strength: * *
Presence: *
Wits: * * *
Dexterity: * * *
Manipulation: * * *
Resolve: * *
Stamina: * *
Composure: * * *

Find the Leak Eavesdrop (key) Heart’s Desire In My Pocket

Demon Form :

Electric Sight Inhuman Intelligence Sonic Acuity


Clairvoyant Sight Mind Reading Mirrored Skin


Spatial Distortion


Memory Theft

Mr. Seeker was a psychopomp with the charge of gathering information at one select building in New York City. His task was to study those ordered by the God Machine, for an unknown purpose. From this Mr. Seeker learned a good deal from humans, understanding them intellectually. After many years of just observing, he has come to want to be like them. He has come to the realization that he is broken, or in some way flawed. He is bereft of the emotional connection inherent in every mortal.
From this sole concern, he fell, vowing to not only intellectually understand humans, but to emotionally connect to them on the same level.

Mr. Seeker

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