Character Creation

Considerations for Character Creation:

Demon is different from other games. Human flesh is like clothes to a demon. They feel like humans, they think like humans but the human body is more of a style than anything else. When creating your concept, it should be the concept of the demon itself.

“Punk Rock Integrator” might be an integrator whose new covers eventually get involved in the punk scene.

Think about covers (occupation, skin color, interests) as preferred styles for your character.

Also consider where you want to start and where you want to finish.
Staring concept: A social character might evolve from “Devil at the crossroads” could evolve into “Prince of Hell”.

Or to keep with our James Bond example a “Rakish Destroyer” might evolve into “Demon Bond”

Talk to the other players while creating your character. Don’t set things in stone until you work out how the character will interact with the other characters. Keep in mind we will do prelude questions.

Group Sync
Agenda’s can be divisive. Not everyone needs to be the same Agenda. But actively discuss how they might work together. The characters will be a Ring at the start of play.

You don’t need to read the whole book. But you should probably read Life of a Demon starting pg. 56 and the character creation stuff.

Character Creation

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