Mundane Places


Lisette’s Diner
Saigon Tears

Bolt Houses

Grandma Whisper’s Bolt House is a classic southern home that is squeezed into modern NY in the outer burros. It moves, from place to place, but she remains the same. Over the years she has had more than one cover, but they have all been older women with soft voices.



A Facility is a long term piece of infrastructure the god-machine keeps powered, running and guarded.

Manhattan Psychiatric Center

A psychiatric center on Ward’s Island. The Facility comes to life all too frequently. At this time, local rings have only been able to establish that its protected by a lot of concealment infrastructure. A working Psychiatric Hospital, the building is one of the better funded and protected public institutions in the city.

The Empire State Building

The NYC Landmark is an active facility. Its exact nature isn’t known to the Demon community. But from the foundation to its tip, Aether runs through it. There are arteries and veins. The building seems to have its own ebb and flow, like a living organism running off the power of heaven.

The Endron Building
An office building located by central park that is home to Endron International, as well as twenty other companies. It’s role in the God Machine’s plans are unknown, but at least one demon has manage to infiltrate its walls.

60 74th Street, Queens, NY
A house in Queens that holds a secret Endron lab. It is bigger on the inside then the outside, but the employees don’t see to notice.


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