Aspiration Guidelines

Long Term Aspirations
Long term aspirations should provide me with some sense of where you want the character to end up. If your character concept is a demon James Bond, then maybe he starts with the combat skills but lacks the personality. Or maybe he has the personality but lacks the combat skills. Either way, you should have some form of end game goal for your character. This can change. Some examples for the James Bond character might be:

  • Gain Elevated Status in an Agency
  • Gain professional Social/Physical skills
  • Establish a network of previous relationships

Short-Term Aspirations
Short-Term aspirations should be indicative of the long term aspirations, but actionable by the character. This means that it should be something the character should be able to accomplish, with relatively little setup, in gameplay.

  • Successfully evade a agent of an angel without being caught
  • Use improvised weapons to defend self against agent
  • Seduce girl at Coffee shop.

How might that happen? When I ask you what you are doing, you could say “I contact my handler about work” or “I hit on the girl at the coffee shop?” In this way, you can steer the story. Even if it doesn’t finish that session, you can pursue your own goals. You have all seen my OAD for this game. The only thing I’ve set in stone is the theme of the first story. Everything else can and most likely will change.

Aspiration Guidelines

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